Southern Comforts (SoCo) Fragrances Holiday Scents 2015

Southern Comforts (SoCo) Fragrances Holiday Scents 2015

Cruelty Free, Vegan

Limited Edition

$14 for five 2 ml samples or $3.50 each at

image1 (10)

After hearing such positive things about several CF and vegan fragrance companies, I decided to try some for myself. My first stop was Southern Comforts Fragrances on Etsy, mainly because they released five decadent sounding holiday scents. I’m a sucker for seasonal and limited edition releases. For $14 I got five 2 ml sample fragrance oils: Texarcana Tree Farm, Aunt Imogene’s Pecan Pie, Happy Challah-Days, Christmas in Charleston, and Santa in Savannah. These are fragrance oils, not watered down perfumes, so the scent and the amount of product go a long way. These glass fragrance tubes are not spray bottles, so you can choose how much to apply. However, they are a little tricky to open. They have a long plastic insert attached to the cap that is a perfect applicator for just a touch of product. These samples are going to last a really long time. Below I’ve listed my description of each fragrance as well as how the shop describes each fragrance.

Texarcana Tree Farm

My description: pine, evergreen, not overwhelming, slight sweetness, warmth

Shop description: frasier fir, scotch pine, white spruce, frozen dirt, chainsaw oil, leather gloves.

Aunt Imogene’s Pecan Pie

My description: buttery, sweet, pecan pie, warm

Shop description:  pecans, vanilla, brown sugar, butter pie crust

Happy Challah-Days

My description: sweet, slight foresty note, baby powder?

Shop description: fresh baked egg bread, wildflower honey, poppyseeds, butter, tonka bean, sandalwood

Christmas in Charleston

My description: citrus, cinnamon, clove

Shop description: orange, clove, cranberry, bayberry, frasier fir, wrapping paper, firewood, mulled apple cider

Santa in Savannah

My description: at first – citrus, potpourri; at end of day – cocoa

Shop description: Oreos, milk, soot, leather boots, paper, pen ink, a touch of pine


Overall I was very impressed with all of the fragrances. They were are complex, dimensional scents that had varied notes throughout the day. My favorite was definitely Aunt Imogene’s Pecan Pie and my least favorite was Texarcana Tree Farm. This is purely based on personal preference and I’m not knocking Texarcana Tree Farm at all. It’s not my favorite scent, but I think many would love it. I’m looking forward to trying more of their products, both full size and regular line scents. You can follow them on Instagram @southern.comforts and see their upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals! Definitely check them out if you need a new scent inspiration in your life or some extra holiday cheer.





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